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SIL Language Technology Font Collection

This documentation is currently incomplete and is a work-in-progress. Some links may not work.

This is a collection of fonts, font metadata, and related tools maintained by SIL International. This collection is managed as a git repository on Github and mirrored for faster performance at See below for license information and terms of use.

What is not here

This collection is not intended as a primary end-user source of SIL fonts or information on how to use them. Here are links to better sources of fonts and information:

What is here

This collection is mainly for use by websites, web apps, and desktop applications. It is also used for internal font testing by SIL's Writing Systems Technology team. It contains:

What you can do with this collection

Common uses for this collection are:

Internal processes:

Limitations, licenses, and terms of use

Fonts and related font software included in this collection are licensed according to the terms of the licenses included in individual font folders. In most cases this is the SIL Open Font License.

All other contents, except where noted, are Copyright (c) 2021-2024, SIL International and released under the MIT license - see LICENSE.

SIL International makes no guarantees regarding the ongoing availability of the fonts and data on this site. Individuals and organizations use these fonts and data at their own risk. SIL International maintains this collection but does not provide any technical support except for use by SIL and partners.